About Me

I have always loved stories: reading them, writing them, and telling them. QuiverVoice is a place where, from an old stone farmhouse in Maryland, I try to put into words the stories that I know only by heart.

I write mostly when I am supposed to be doing something else, like the breakfast dishes, for example, or my day job. One time, I had breast cancer (here’s the back story on that), so that’s sometimes a part of my stories. Some days it is the main thing I am thinking and writing about, and other days, it does not even cross my mind. Any survivor of anything will tell you that that is often how it goes.

When I am not writing, I can be found knitting, fielding texts from my three grown up children, and lazily reminding my youngest daughter, who is still at home, that this is not my first rodeo. My husband and my Newfoundland dog are both cuddly and loving and wonderful and please don’t ask me which one of them I love the most, though it is worth mentioning that only one of them will eventually do the breakfast dishes.

I am so grateful that you’ve stopped by, and more than anything, I hope you’ll find a way— and a place—to tell your story, too. Even if your voice shakes.

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